Friday, July 31, 2009

Today in my world and reading world

In my real world, I am lucky to be having my niece and nephew for a few days. I probably won't read as much, but I'm sure it will be a fun weekend.
I've started Girls of Riyadh, but I'm still craving the humor from my last book. My solution is to read two at once. I downloaded Why Is My Mother Getting a Tattoo?: And Other Questions I Wish I Never Had to Ask, by Jancee Dunn to my Kindle.

Despite her forty years and a successful career as a rock journalist, Jancee Dunn still feels like a teenager, especially around her parents and sisters. Looking around, Dunn realizes that she’s not alone in this regression: Her friends, all with successful jobs, marriages, and families of their own, still feel like kids around their moms and dads, too. That gets Dunn to thinking: Do we ever really grow up? Why Is My Mother Getting a Tattoo? explores this phenomenon–through both Dunn’s coming to grips with getting older and her folks’ attempts to turn back the clock. In a series of hilarious and heartwarming essays, Dunn conspires with her sisters to finagle their way into the old family homestead, dissects the whys and wherefores of her parents’ obsession with newspaper clippings, confronts the seamy side of the JC Penney catalogs she paged through as a kid, and accompanies her sixtysomething mother to a New Jersey tattoo parlor, where Mom is giddy to get a raven inked onto her wrist. And Dunn does it all with humor and insight.
My Rating: 4/5 This is a light and funny read, nice for a quick break. I enjoy this author a lot, memoirs and fiction alike.

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