Monday, March 8, 2010

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult's newest novel is about Jacob, a teenage boy with Asperger's syndrome who is obsessed with forensic analysis and follows crime scenes on his police scanner.  He is accused of a brutal murder, and his mother is forced to do anything that she can to make people understand Jacob and his autism.

As a mother of an autistic child, I usually avoid fiction that focuses on it.  It's either too frustrating or too emotional for me.  However, I am a Jodi Picoult fan so I went ahead.  I think that she handled the topic of autism well.  I related to the mother, and I think that her descriptions of autistic behavior were well done and not stereotyped.  The storyline kept me reading even if it was somewhat predictable. What I do not understand is why she decided to end it the way that she did.  I'm not going to give spoilers, but I will be surprised if I find any reviews that praise the conclusion of this one.


BookAddict said...

I was surprised to see you read this one based on the story line, but kind of not surprised because I know you read all of her books. It sounds really good. Her endings usually go for the shock value I think,

Christine said...

Sharon-I think a shocking ending would have been better than what she did. Are you going to read it? You'll have to let me know your thoughts if you do.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading it and to be honest, I really don't understand the ending. What did she mean with the last line? I agree, I was waiting for that surprise ending and was pretty disappointed when there wasn't any. I felt like there wasn't any ending at all.